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SolarEdge Solar Panels

SolarEdge is a trusted brand that we recommend for our customers with more complex installations. In fact, SolarEdge is the second most common solar inverter installed globally.


SolarEdge now has its own brand of solar panels with integrated power optimisers, called Smart Panels. Smart panels are a cost-effective solution for customers who want all the benefits of power optimisers, without having to deal with multiple different suppliers. Here are a few reasons to use SolarEdge Solar Panels:

  • Lower Cost – Smart panels are more affordable compared to buying a premium solar panel and then adding power optimisers on

  • Superior warranty – 25-year product warranty & 25-year performance warranty

  • Performance – With integrated power optimisers and split cell technology, smart panels perform very well

  • Quick Installation – There’s no need to mount the power optimiser separately

  • Aesthetics – Improved curb appeal with elegant black-framed panel design

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