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REC Solar Panels

Your home or business deserves a solar energy system that looks great and delivers strong power output in all conditions. REC’s premium solar panels provide you with ideal solutions for residential homes and commercial installations that will deliver on long-term reliability and high power. Here are a few reasons to use REC Solar Panels:

  • Product quality beyond expectations, supported by stringent internal testing, third-party certifications and endorsements, and an industry-leading low claims rate.

  • Reliability of a European brand with panels manufactured in Norway

  • Sustainable production, sustainable products

  • With around 38 million REC panels produced, our panels are used around the globe

  • Extended warranty; benefit from REC’s unique REC ProTrust Warranty package at no extra cost

  • REC products named a Top Performer in the PVEL Product Reliability Tests 7 years in a row

REC’s combination of product quality, company reliability, and commitment to sustainability makes REC the ideal brand for your solar investment.

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