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Fronius Solar Inverters

Fronius Inverters are globally recognised as amongst the industry’s highest-performing inverters. They are designed for a service life of 20 years and with a 97.8% maximum efficiency.

Established in 1945, Fronius is an Austrian solar inverter manufacturer. Fronius inverters are globally recognised as amongst the industry’s highest-performing inverters. Fronius inverters are designed for a service life of 20 years and with a 97.8% maximum efficiency, their performance and reliability are undeniable. Fronius has a proven track record of reliability and an outstanding reputation within the industry. With single-phase options starting from 3kW, three-phase starting from 3kW and hybrid options, there's a Fronius inverter to suit any application. Here are a few reasons to use Fronius Solar Inverters:

  • Made in Austria – Fronius inverters have always been produced in Austria with sustainability in mind.

  • Safety in Numbers – More than 500 000 Fronius inverters have been installed across Australia.

  • More than 75 years of experience – Fronius now has a team made up of 5,000+ people.

  • Warranty Support – The Melbourne office of Fronius provides competent backup and support.

  • Impressive Track Record – Fronius has 28 subsidiaries across 4 continents.

Fronius Gen24
Solar Inverter

Gen24 Fronius picture.png

The Gen24 is Fronius’ new solar inverter to replace the SnapINverter range.

  • The Gen24 allows owners to have (limited) power in a daytime blackout without a battery!  The integrated basic backup power supply PV Point is essentially a power outlet that has electricity supplied in a blackout or power outage situation during the day time. 

  • Dynamic Peak Management ensures optimal yields even under conditions of partial shading.

  • The Gen24 range offers both single-phase (Primo) and three-phase (Symo) alternatives.

  • The software is upgradable which transforms the Gen24 into a true hybrid inverter (costs apply). 

  • Utilizing Active Cooling Technology, the internal fan ensures the inverter remains cool, enhancing its performance optimization.

Fronius Gen24 Plus
Hybrid Solar & Battery Inverter


The Gen24 Plus is Fronius’ new true hybrid inverter. Fronius call it their “all-in-one” solution as it combines a solar inverter and a battery inverter – reducing the need for two separate boxes. Hybrid inverters, such as the Gen24 Plus, are installed when battery storage is being added or wants to be added in the future. Features of the Gen24 Plus include:

  • True hybrid inverter that will supply power to a household in the event of a blackout, when batteries are added.

  • Dynamic Peak Management – Maximum yields even in partial shading. 

  • Active Cooling Technology – fans keep the inverter cool to optimise performance. 

  • Both single-phase (Primo) and three-phase (Symo) variants are available in the Gen24 Plus range.

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