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5 Benefits of Choosing a Local Solar Installer

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

1. Home visits to create a customised, quality solution for your home

A local solar installer is more likely to fully evaluate your situation by visiting your property before the installation. During an onsite visit, the installer will:

  1. Check out the switchboard to see if there is any work that needs to be done for it to meet Ergon/Energex requirements

  2. Check the size of the mains cabling to ensure it is big enough for solar

  3. Determine the best layout for the panels on your roof by looking at potential shading, obstacles on the roof etc

These factors can make a big difference to the system’s pricing, and if they aren’t considered, you could be slugged with a nasty unexpected bill at the end. Home visits also allow you to meet and see the installer face-to-face, allowing you to ask any questions and discuss your likes, dislikes, wants, needs, and goals for your solar power system. 

2. Ongoing local support and warranty peace of mind

When your solar power system is installed by a local company, if something was to go wrong, it’s usually a much quicker and smoother process to get the issue solved:

  1. Faster turnaround due to less travel time

  2. Avoid call centres and having to wait hours on hold to speak to someone who doesn’t know you or your situation from a bar of soap. Speak to a real person who knows you and your solar installation. 

  3. You have the option to visit them in person at their shopfront. Find it hard to get your point across over the phone and would rather explain it in person? No worries! The majority of reputable, local solar installers will have a shopfront that you are able to visit and have a chat with them. 

When you choose a local solar installer that has been around for a while, you avoid becoming a ‘solar orphan’. Unfortunately, there are “less-than-reputable” solar companies out there who lure you in with “predatory” sales tactics and cheap prices, who later cease trading to avoid paying debts or dealing with warranty claims. These kinds of solar companies are usually open just long enough to install a lot of solar systems and make their money, but then close once things start going south, leaving their customers with no support or valid warranty. The sad thing is that this happens all too often… LG Australia reports that over 750 solar companies have gone into liquidation or simply stopped trading since 2011, leaving an estimated 750,000 Australians with useless solar warranties (as of 13 March 2020).

3. Knowledge of local electricity rules and regulations 

Call centre based companies are usually unfamiliar with detailed local electricity supply rules, which vary across Australia, and when you need support and repairs in years to come, they are sometimes hard to find again. Unlike national or international companies, local solar installers deal with local electricity suppliers on a daily basis and have an intimate understanding of their rules.

Just for reference, at Electrical Sensations, the majority of the work that we do is either in Ergon’s or Energex’s service region.

4. Supporting your community and the local economy 

When you choose to support small-scale, locally-owned businesses, you’re helping to create communities that are more prosperous, connected and generally better off. When you buy from independent, locally owned businesses, rather than national or international chains, a significant portion of the money is then recycled back through our local economy — to make purchases from your friends’ businesses, eat at your favourite local restaurants, attend local functions and events — ultimately strengthening the base of our whole community. 

5. Client-centered approach

When you buy from a small, local business, you’re buying from a real person. They often care more about the quality of their work because their name and business are at stake. 

Local solar installers know the importance of maintaining their reputation for quality products and exceptional customer service to maintain referrals and customers. In a small community, word of mouth and referrals are critical to a local business’s success. ‘News travels fast, but bad news travels faster…’ To ensure that you have a positive experience with their business, they typically will go the extra mile to please you and provide a high-quality system that they are proud to put their name to. 

Throughout the installation process, you will get to know the installers and they also get to know you. You won’t get treated as just another number, you will be seen as a valued customer. 

Don’t be lured by celebrity ambassadors, door-to-door salespeople, over-estimated saving promises or ridiculously low prices, instead, opt for solar installers that are locally based, have a strong reputation for installing quality solar systems and have been in business for many years.

At Electrical Sensations, we are proud to have been servicing Toowoomba and the Darling Downs since 2004. We are 100% committed to designing energy-saving solutions and installing equipment that will best meet your needs, in a manner that we are proud to put our name to. No cutting corners or compromising on quality, reliability or safety. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you save money on your electricity bills!


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