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NEW QLD Solar Battery Rebate

Updated: Jan 1

Queensland's Battery Booster program (solar battery rebate) is expected to launch in early 2024

The Battery Booster program, a new component of Queensland's Energy and Jobs Plan, is designed to empower households by offering rebates for installing solar battery systems. The program is expected to be rolled out in early 2024.

QLD 2024 Battery Booster Program

The Queensland Government's Battery Booster Program aims to offer rebates to qualifying households for solar battery system installations, whether as an addition to existing rooftop solar setups or as part of new installations. As the launch nears, the QLD Government will release detailed eligibility criteria and program specifics, including prerequisites and lists of approved products and installers.

QLD 2024 Battery Booster Program
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the program, households must meet certain criteria. These include:

  1. Maximum Income: Applicants should have a combined annual household taxable income of less than $180,000.

  2. Minimum Battery System Size: A minimum 6 kWh battery from an approved list. This list will be made available when the program launches. 

  3. Solar PV System Size: Households must have a minimum 5kW solar PV system, either new or existing.

  4. Approved Installer: Installation of the battery system must be carried out by an Approved Installer.

  5. Battery purchase date: To get the rebate, the system needs to be purchased and installed during the program's active period. Solar batteries purchased before or after this period do not qualify.

QLD 2024 Battery Booster Program
How much is the solar battery rebate?

Combined annual household taxable income

Up to $66,667

$66,667 - $180,000

More than $180,000

Rebate amount



Not eligible

QLD 2024 Battery Booster Program
Application Process

More details are yet to be published, but what we know so far is that the application process involves multiple steps:

  • Eligibility Check

  • Documentation Preparation

  • Online Application Submission

  • Conditional Approval Awaited

  • Battery System Purchase

  • Installer Selection

  • Final Application Submission

QLD 2024 Battery Booster Program
What are the benefits of the solar battery rebate?

The rebate offers a distinct advantage by significantly lowering the overall cost of the solar system. It makes solar batteries a more realistic and attainable solution for many households in Queensland. By incentivising household solar battery system installations, it encourages the shift towards sustainable, renewable energy sources, reducing reliance on energy grids and building a greener energy framework.

QLD 2024 Battery Booster Program
Keeping solar batteries safe

To guarantee safe and high-quality installations, the government has set up an inspectorate - a group of people responsible for checking and making sure that things are done correctly and safely. Their job is to inspect the systems and make sure it is up to industry practises and safety standards. Additionally, the government states that the approved installers will receive advice on reducing the risks associated with battery safety.

QLD 2024 Battery Booster Program
Choosing the right battery

Picking the right batteries for your solar system needs more than just basic solar know-how. Things like how fast they release energy, how much you use before recharging, working during blackouts, what they're made of, where you place them, and how to take care of them are really important. Having help from licensed experts makes sure your system works well and stays safe. Like all solar installations, we recommend choosing a local solar installer who is experienced and reliable.

Fill out our contact form from the button below & we'll be in touch when the rebate is officially launched so you don't miss the boat.

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