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Sometimes a traditional ‘string’ inverter isn’t the best solution. For example, if there is shading or panels need to be installed on more than 2 different directions/angles. In such cases, a SolarEdge inverter with Power Optimisers is the answer. Since 2009, SolarEdge has taken Australia by storm with revolutionary technology that allows each solar panel to maximise its performance, significantly increasing output in all weather conditions. Known for their long warranties, safety features and monitoring advantages, SolarEdge is a trusted brand that we recommend for our customers with more complex installations. In fact, SolarEdge is the second most common solar inverter installed globally, having shipped over 15 million Power Optimisers and having the most systems installed in the USA (considered to be one of the leading solar markets globally).

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The SolarEdge Solution

Residential solar power system
SolarEdge System - Residential (Smart panels, power optimisers, HD Wave, Energy Hub and Three Phase Inverter)

Power Optimisers

Only compatible with SolarEdge inverters. Power Optimisers can be added to any brand of solar panel.
SolarEdge P401 Power Optimiser - Electrical Sensations Toowoomba

Power Optimiser Information

Like micro-inverters, Power Optimiser’s are attached to each solar panel to increase output and allow you to individually monitor each panel. Power optimisers are an excellent solution for more complex installations where there may be partial shading, tilted panels at various angles and/or panels facing multiple directions.

  • Warranty25-year product warranty
  • Efficiency – Higher efficiency than micro inverters (98.8% weighted efficiency vs Enphase IQ7A 97% weighted efficiency)
  • Cost – Usually more affordable than a micro-inverter system
  • Monitoring – Remote monitoring software allows the output of every inverter to be separately monitored
  • Safety – Automatic panel DC voltage shut-down
  • Increased Output – Minimise loss due to mismatching panels

Smart Panels

SolarEdge Smart Modules (with power optimiser) - Electrical Sensations Toowoomba
Smart Panel Information

SolarEdge now has its own brand of solar panels with integrated power optimisers, called Smart Panels. Smart panels are a cost-effective solution for customers who want all the benefits of power optimisers, without having to deal with multiple different suppliers.

  • Lower Cost – Smart panels are more affordable compared to buying a premium solar panel and then adding power optimisers on
  • Superior warranty – 25-year product warranty & 25-year performance warranty
  • Performance – With integrated power optimisers and split cell technology, smart panels perform very well
  • Quick Installation – There’s no need to mount the power optimiser separately
  • Aesthetics – Improved curb appeal with elegant black-framed panel design

HD-Wave Genesis

Single-phase solar inverter
SolarEdge HD-Wave single phase solar inverter - Electrical Sensations Toowoomba
Genesis Information

The SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis inverter is an affordable, yet reliable solution for homes with single-phase power. For solar systems up to 6.67kW, only one 5kW Genesis inverter is needed. SolarEdge has specifically designed the Genesis to work with Power Optimisers – you cannot install a Genesis inverter without Power Optimisers.

  • Warranty 12-year warranty, with extensions up to 25 years
  • Industry-leading efficiency – Max. 99.2%!
  • Rated IP65 – Suited for outdoor and indoor installations
  • Quick & easy install – Compact, lightweight design with rapid commissioning using SetApp
  • Safety features – SafeDC™ and integrated arc fault protection to reduce the risk of fire. Click here to read more about SolarEdge’s safety features.
  • Available in 5 sizes – 3kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8.25kW, 10kW

Energy Hub

Hybrid Inverter for single phase homes
SolarEdge Energy Hub - Electrical Sensations Toowoomba
Energy Hub Information

The SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter is an all-in-one solution. It combines the capabilities of a solar inverter and a battery inverter so that batteries can be installed. The Energy Hub is designed for single-phase households who are installing battery storage with their solar or want to add them in the future.

  • Warranty12-year warranty, with extensions up to 25 years
  • Power in a blackout – Provides whole home backup when connected to battery storage, for increased energy independence and savings
  • EV ready – The Energy Hub can easily be connected to the SolarEdge Level 2 Smart EV Charger without the need for any additional components
  • Monitoring – The SolarEdge energy meter is built into the SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter, allowing customers to monitor their usage and reduce their bills
  • Available in 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8.25kW and 10kW

Three Phase Residential Inverter

Hybrid inverter for three phase homes
SolarEdge Three Phase Residential Inverter - Electrical Sensations Toowoomba
Three Phase Inverter Information

This inverter is used for homes with three-phase power. Like the Energy Hub, the SolarEdge Three-phase Residential Inverter is a hybrid inverter. This means that it combines the capabilities of a solar inverter and a battery inverter in one vendor so that batteries can be added.

  • Warranty12-year warranty, with extensions up to 25 years
  • Safety features – SafeDC™ and integrated arc fault protection to reduce the risk of fire. Click here to read more about SolarEdge’s safety features
  • Rated IP65 – Suited for outdoor and indoor installations
  • Advanced monitoring – Built-in monitoring means that you can individually monitor each solar panel and track their system’s performance
  • Efficiency97.8%!
  • Available in 5kW, 7kW, 8.25kW, 10kW

SolarEdge Inverters

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