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Sometimes a traditional ‘string’ inverter isn’t the best solution. For example, if there is shading or panels need to be installed on more than 2 different directions/angles. In such cases, a SolarEdge inverter with Power Optimisers is the answer. 

Since 2009, SolarEdge has taken Australia by storm with a revolutionary technology that allows each panel to work at its optimum powerpoint, significantly increasing output in all weather conditions.

SolarEdge HD Wave.
Here are some of the reasons we proudly recommend SolarEdge inverters:
  • Increased Output SolarEdge systems can output more solar power in all weather conditions thanks to a small powerpoint tracker integrated into each optimiser. This allows each individual panel to output power independently from the other panels, significantly increasing output.
  • Battery Back up and EV charging – As well as the traditional functions of an inverter, the SolarEdge Energy Hub provides battery back-up and is preconfigured to connect to the SolarEdge Smart EV Charger. And with a built-in consumption meter, it becomes easier to track usage and reduce bills.
  • Added safety – With built-in SafeDC™ and arc fault protection, the SolarEdge inverters provide enhanced safety in a DC inverter option. Read more about this feature here.
  • Panel Level Monitoring The HD Wave and Energy Hub inverters come with panel-level monitoring, free for life. This is a valuable feature for both system owners and installers alike, as it allows easy identification of faults on individual panels.
  • Long Term Peace of Mind from Long Warranty – The Australian SolarEdge office provides competent backup and support for the impressive 12-year warranty life of the inverter. Power Optimisers come with a whopping 25-year warrantyThose extensive warranties highlight the quality of a SolarEdge inverter and optimizer system.
  • Massive ManufacturerSolarEdge is the 2nd most common solar inverter installed globally, having shipped over 15 million PowerOptimisers, and having the most systems installed in the USA (considered to be one of the leading solar markets globally).
SolarEdge HD wave inverter

Electrical Sensations is proudly a SolarEdge partner. 

Designing and installing inverter solutions is complex and must be carried out by suitably accredited professionals. Speak to an Electrical Sensations Expert to find out more.

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