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Solar panels are a REALLY important part of a solar power system. They do the hard work of collecting solar power and that’s an important job!

Choosing a solar panel is usually the first component that people research when considering going solar. But not all solar panels are created equal

With hundreds of different brand solar panels, multiple ranges within each brand and different wattages within each range, there are literally thousands of options to wade through!

LG Panel.
When we choose a solar panel we consider:

About the Manufacturer:

  1. How long has the manufacturer been in existence and producing that particular product?
  2. How financially stable is the manufacturer?
  3. Do they have an Australian office to handle any potential future warranty issues?
  4. What is the panel product/MANUFACTURER’s WARRANTY period? This is very different toand much more important thanthe output performance warranty.
  5. What is the warranty claim/failure rate?
  6. Is the factory automated? Panels produced in fully automated factories(robots) are typically higher quality and more reliable.

About the panel itself:

  1. What is the physical size and wattage of the panel? With roof space becoming a valuable commodity, lower wattage panels are an inefficient use of space and can make upgrading or expanding the system in the future, difficult. As a rule of thumb, panels below 310W are old technology and do not meet our criteria.
  2. What is the temperature coefficient of the panel? This is an indicator of how it performs in hot weatherThe lower the percentage per degree Celsius, the better.
  3. Type of solar cells contained in the panel. Most panels contain either PType (boron-doped silicon wafer) or NType (phosphorous doped silicon wafer) cells. NType cells are typically more efficient and are contained in the LG NeON panels and REC NPeak range.
REC NPeak Series Portrait.

While the choice of panels is important, we do not recommend making a solar buying decision based on the brand of the solar panel alone. 

There are many other factors that need to be taken into account – not least of which is the brand and type of inverter as well as the installer and quality of workmanship.

Solar Panel Brands we use and recommend:

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Designing and installing solar panel solutions is complex and must be carried out by suitably accredited professionals. Speak to an Electrical Sensations expert to find out more.

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