Sonnen Solar Battery


Sonnen Batteries Hybrid and Eco Explained.

Introduction to Sonnen

About Sonnen

The German sonnenBatterie is an intelligent battery storage solution that stores excess solar energy to maximise energy independence. 

The newest technology proves itself in over 40 000 households every day and is designed for maximum longevity.

The sonnenBatterie is a complete system ready for connection. Inside the aesthetically pleasing cabinet, is the battery modules, inverter, intelligent energy meter, measurement technology as well as the software to operate it all smoothly.

In contrast to many other battery systems on the market, the sonnenBatterie’s perfectly attuned components are built into one single high-quality casing to ensure longevity and quality with a small footprint.

A sonnenBatterie installation is without doubt one of the ‘neatest’ and least visually intrusive. The sonnenBatterie eco range can be easily connected to any solar power system – new or existing.

They are a beautifully simple add-on to help home-owners maximise the utilization of their solar power production.

The Hybrid sonnenBatterie can also be easily connected to any new or existing solar power system as it has a hybrid inverter built-in.  A compact and efficient energy storage solution!

The sonneBatterie contains Sony batteries which use the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry. LiFePO4 is widely acknowledged as the safest lithium battery storage chemistry as it is very resistant to overheating and ‘thermal runaway’.

Thermal runaway is where there is an uncontrollable rise in temperature and the batteries catch on fire. LiFePO4 batteries would need to get to temperatures in the vicinity of 480 degrees to suffer thermal runaway, which is very unlikely.

Reasons why we like the sonnenBatterie
  • Intelligent – Shows energy production and consumption data and combines this with the weather forecast to optimise consumers autonomy.
  • Modular – Modular extendable capacity in 2.5kWh steps (2.5kWh to 15kWh) to meet customer energy consumption needs.
  • Data Visibility – Customer and partner can monitor energy production and consumption via sonnenApp and web portal.
  • Proof of Concept – More than 50 000 Lithium-Ion storage systems installed worldwide; 9th generation of product development.
  • Safety – Experienced cell technology. High-quality Lithium Ion Phosphate battery with 10 000 cycle warranty. Designed for more than 20 years.
  • Warranty – High-quality Lithium Ion Phosphate LeFePO4 battery that is warranted at 90% for 10 000 cycles or 10 years. Designed for more than 20 years.
  • Quality – German Designed. Australian Made

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