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Upgrades to existing Solar Power Systems

Looking for a bit more power?

Upgrading your solar power system is a great idea to get the most out of your investment.  There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when upgrading a solar power system.

Some questions to ask when thinking of upgrading your solar power system.

“Do I have enough space on my roof to add more panels?”
It may sound like a silly question, but if you don’t have the room, then your potential to upgrade is very limited. In some cases, upgrading is just not possible.

“Will Ergon/Energex allow me to upgrade?”
And, yes, you do have to get Ergon/Energex’s permission before you do anything.  If you are not changing the inverter, Ergon/Energex will usually allow you to add more panels.  If you want to upgrade the inverter as well, then you will need to apply to Ergon/Energex.  Then, depending on the size inverter you are applying for, Ergon/Energex may ‘technically assess’ the application.  When applications are technically assessed there are no guarantees as to whether they will allow you to upgrade.

Blake Cleaning the Panel.

“Do I have a high feed-in-tariff that I want to keep?”
If you were one of the lucky ones to secure the 44c FIT (or the even higher FITs through some retailers)  upgrading to a larger inverter WILL make you lose the FIT.  Once you have lost the higher FIT, you cannot get it back.  Ever.  Upgrading to a larger inverter is not a decision to be made lightly and one that warrants significant consideration.

“How long has it been since the original system was installed?”
Generally, the longer it has been since the original system was installed, the more difficult (and costly) to upgrade.

These are just some of the factors to consider when upgrading an existing solar power system.   Call our friendly team now to discuss further.

Solar Repairs & Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever and from time to time things will go wrong.

Solar power systems are low maintenance, there is not a lot of upkeep required. We do however recommend regular cleaning of your panels. The frequency depends on a few factors including whether the panels are on a pitch, or flat; whether you live near dirt roads or paddocks and if you have birds/bats that leave droppings on the panels.

As a rule of thumb, have a look every few months and if the panels are dirty or there is a built upon the panels, give them a hose down. Do not scrub them. Do not use any chemicals. Just a hose and good clean water, rainwater if possible.

Damaged Isolator.

If you are unable to clean the panels yourself, we can do that for you – just give us a call and our team will get them sparkling clean in no time.

You invested a significant amount of money in your solar power system, so you owe it to yourself to make sure it is operating as it should.

Our helpful admin team can go through some basic ‘self-help’ type checks on the phone with you to try and pinpoint the cause of the problem. If more investigation is required, one of our electricians/installers would need to take a look.  Call now to speak with our team or arrange a site visit.

It is also recommended that every 12-24 months having the system checked by one of our installers/electricians. They can check the performance of the system, check the inverter’s connections and operation, check for recalled products, make sure the earthing of the panels is intact and in general give the system a good going-over.

Don’t ‘hope’ your system is safe and performing as it should, have it checked by one of our team and know for sure. Call our friendly team now to book a system check.

Inverter Replacement

Is your inverter showing an error? 

  • Are there no signs of life from your solar inverter at all?
  • Just not sure what whether it’s working or not?

Electrical Sensations specialises in inverter repairs and we’re ready to help you get back on the grid, whether you’re an existing Electrical Sensations customer or not.

If your solar system installer has left you in the dark, you can rely on the Electrical Sensations service team to assess your situation and get your inverter repaired or replaced quickly and safely.

If you are not sure whether your inverter is working properly or not – give our friendly team a call on 46372744 and we will go through some simple checks over the phone.

From there we can arrange for an electrician to inspect and test your inverter to determine the best plan of action.

How much to replace an inverter?  The short answer is – it depends!  It depends on many factors including what size inverter you have approval for (with your electricity retailer), whether it is a single-phase or 3 phase installation and whether there is any extra work required to bring the installation up to current standards.

At Electrical Sensations we proudly only install quality, proven reliable inverters that we are very sure are going to perform well, for a very long time.

We will not compromise your entire solar system by installing a sub-par quality inverter. 

Meter Testing at Solar Inverter.

LG Authorised Dealer

As an LG Authorised Solar Dealer, Electrical Sensations’ first preference is to install LG solar panels.

Teamed with quality Fronius, SMA or Selectronics (for off-grid applications) inverters, we KNOW our systems will perform well, without a doubt.

The addition of batteries can dramatically increase the savings potential of a solar power system, particularly for clients on peak-demand tariffs. Ecoult and LG Chem are among our preferred battery add-ons for commercial clients.

Electrical Sensations LG Authorised Energy Specialist (Solar Dealer) in Toowoomba.

“We are passionate about saving our clients money on their electricity bills!”

Depending on the nature of your business and it’s operating hours, solar may not be the most effective way to reduce your electricity costs. To find out if a solar power system is right for your home or business, contact the Electrical Sensations team now.

Try the energy savings calculator now, to see what your potential savings could be.

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