The 3 types of Solar Power Systems


Grid connected

Off-grid solar

Hybrid Solar System

A professionally installed solar power system is an investment that will save your home and business money for decades to come

It is well proven that businesses can reduce the burden of electricity costs substantially through the installation of a solar power system. Depending upon the operating hours and nature of the business, the savings are typically in the vicinity of 40 to 70%.

Everyone knows a solar power system is an efficient and effective means of reducing your total electricity consumption. What is not so common knowledge, however, is that solar can also effectively reduce the peak demand, for customers on-demand tariffs. The potential savings are huge!


“There is nothing surer – electricity prices will rise!

A quality solar power system is the most effective way to reduce your power billSignificantly. For many years to come.

Our 5 Minute Solar Fact Sheet provides a brief overview of solar power and is a great place to start your research.

Download the Residential Solar information sheet here…

If you are looking for more detailed information, take a look at our easy to read Beginners Guide to Solar Power.

Electricity prices will rise! 
You can save serious money on your electricity bill, help future-proof yourself from the rising costs of electricity and add value to your home by installing a solar power system

Systems can be either totally grid-connected with no battery back up, hybrid (grid-connected with battery back up) or totally off-grid with batteries and generator back up.


A solar power system is a mini electricity generation plant. That’s pretty serious!

It is imperative that a solar power system is not only installed correctly but also designed appropriately.

It is not a simple case of one-size-fits-all for solar. Our team of licensed electricians and solar designers/installers (NOT pushy salespeople) will create a system that best suits your premises and electricity usage.

There are a lot of things to take into account when installing a solar power system and it is a decision that warrants careful consideration. This Handy Guide to Solar Power is a great place to start.

LG Solar Power System Toowoomba

What’s the Difference

Totally Grid-connected (no back up) –These are the most common in urban areas. With these systems, there is no energy storage, such as batteries, so if you don’t use the electricity you lose it. Depending on the size of the system, your electricity retailer may give you a small FeedInTariff of around 7c/kWh for any surplus power you produce but don’t consume.

Hybrid systems – This is essentially where batteries are added to a grid-connected system. Hybrid Systems are becoming much more popular with advancements in battery technology. In a hybrid system surplus power is stored in the batteries for use at night time to minimise the amount of electricity purchased from the retailer.

Commercial Solar

Electrical Sensations solar team works with our clients to develop projects that focus on offsetting current energy usage and reducing their energy costs.

By examining a client’s energy profile, site & location variables, and then listening to their financial goals, our team is able to calculate the size of commercial solar power installation most appropriate for the client.

Commercial Install.
Trina Solar Panels on Brackets.
Flexible Finance Available

Year after year, solar energy saves businesses money and improves profitability. With flexible no-deposit financing options available, this can all be achieved with no upfront expense, and for many businesses be cash flow positive from day one.

Solar helps build your business’ green credentials and may make your building more attractive to prospective tenants or buyers.

Solar Coupled With Peak Demand Control

With up to 50% of large commercial electricity bills being demand charges, it makes sense to control your peak demand.

The problem with standard solar is that if your peak occurs when there is no sun e.g. at night or when a cloud comes over, the solar alone can’t help, BUT if your usual peak occurs during the day and you have solar installed in conjunction with peak saving equipment, your facility can reduce their demand peaks as well as their consumption and therefore reduce their energy costs.

Off-Grid Solar

Offgrid systems. If you are in a remote area or where the cost of having power connected to your property is exorbitant, offgrid (stand-alone) solar power systems with batteries and generator back up are the solution. 

Off-Grid, Remote & Stand Alone Solar Power Systems

Off-grid solar power systems supply electricity to properties that are not connected to the electricity network/grid.  These systems are also referred to as “remote area power systems” (RAPS) or “stand-alone power systems” (SAPS).

Essentially off-grid solar power systems are independent mini-power stations that create dependable and reliable electricity that is no different to that supplied by the national electricity grid. Whether it is for a small or large home, farm or weekender; an off-grid solar power system will generate reliable, clean and hassle-free electricity.

What are the components of an off-grid solar power system?

  • Solar panels – the panels absorb sunlight and convert it to direct current (DC) electricity.
  • Inverter –Converts DC power to AC power that standard appliances use.
  • Charger Controller / Regulator – Communicates between the batteries and the inverter to work out when to charge the batteries.
  • Battery – Stores energy for use when solar power is not producing, such as at night time or inclement weather.
  • Generator – emergency back-up power supply.

Reliability is paramount in off-grid solar power systems.

Installing inferior components or under-sizing a system can have disastrous consequences for off-grid systems. Choosing quality components is important in all solar power system systems, but it is absolutely critical in off-grid systems.
Our preferences are:

  • LG solar panels;
  • Selectronic, Fronius, ABB  inverter/charger controllers;
  • LG Chem and Ecoult batteries. AGM and gel batteries are also available.

Nigel Phillips Installers Reference Group

Designing and sizing off-grid solar power systems is important and there are a lot of factors that must be taken into consideration.

It should be done by a Clean Energy Council accredited solar designer/installer.

If the system is under-sized you will be drawing on the generator much more than is economical.  If the system is over-sized, you are simply wasting money.

It can be very tempting, but buying one-size-fits-all “DIY kits” online is fraught with danger!  Don’t trust the design of your electricity generation plant to just anyone.

Talk to the experts. Call Electrical Sensations on 46372744 to discuss an off-grid solar power system to suit your needs.

Whether it is gridconnected or offgrid, your solar power system has to perform well for you, for a very long time to come. Hence we choose components that are well proven both in terms of quality and reliability and that we know will go the distance.

By installing inferior products, the longevity and performance of the entire system are compromised and that is something that we just will not do. You invest a considerable amount of money when purchasing a solar power system and absolutely deserve the best products available, delivered with the best possible service.

Hybrid Solar System

What is a hybrid solar system?

Essentially it is a grid-connected solar power system with battery storage. The solar power system produces power during the day time and the excess power is used to charge your batteries for night time use.

It combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a grid-connected system — including the ability to earn Feed-In Tariff credits — with the extra peace of mind from being able to use the power stored in your battery at night time.

With many hybrid set-ups, you will also have power during a power blackout. 

Designing hybrid solar power systems is complex and there are many factors to take into consideration.

The two main considerations are:

  1. Your peak power usage i.e the most power you will use at any one point in time; and
  2. The amount of power that you expect to use during non-solar producing hours (ie night time).

Your system is designed to provide you with sufficient autonomy and breathing space to meet your future power needs.

Our experienced team of CEC accredited designers help guide you towards the type of system that is going to meet your needs and serve you best now, and in the future. 

Good Install Shot.

LG Authorised Dealer

As an LG Authorised Solar Dealer, Electrical Sensations’ first preference is to install LG solar panels.

Teamed with quality Fronius, SMA or Selectronics (for off-grid applications) inverters, we KNOW our systems will perform well, without a doubt.

The addition of batteries can dramatically increase the savings potential of a solar power system, particularly for clients on peak-demand tariffs. Ecoult and LG Chem are among our preferred battery add-ons for commercial clients.

Electrical Sensations LG Authorised Energy Specialist (Solar Dealer) in Toowoomba.

“We are passionate about saving our clients money on their electricity bills!”

Depending on the nature of your business and it’s operating hours, solar may not be the most effective way to reduce your electricity costs. To find out if a solar power system is right for your home or business, contact the Electrical Sensations team now.

Try the energy savings calculator now, to see what your potential savings could be.

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