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Sumec Phono Solar Panels

The new Sumec Phono Helios solar panels bring top-notch solar technology to Toowoomba. Specifically designed for the Australian climate, these solar panels offer excellent efficiency, ensuring reliable and sustainable energy for homes across the Darling Downs region.

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The new Sumec Phono Helios Solar Panels showcase impressive efficiency, boasting conversion rates upwards of 22%.

With an expected lifespan exceeding 25 years and a minimal degradation rate of about 0.5% per year, they offer a reliable and long-term solution for homeowners.

  • Industry-leading 30 year product warranty 

  • Impressive 22.2 % efficiency and a temperature coefficient of -0.26 %/°C ​

  • Sumec has an Australian support team with an office in Sydney

  • Dual-glass design, which minimises water ingress into the panel

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