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BIPV- Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics

Sounds complex doesn’t it? It actually isn’t. It is simply where PhotoVoltaic materials (such as solar panels) are used to replace conventional building materials in parts of a building such as in the roof or façade.

The concept speaks for itself, and the opportunities to convert driveways, car parks, carports and gazebos into power producers are huge.

The number of ways to incorporate solar power in daily life seems virtually endless, and opportunities present themselves at every corner.

Solar carports and car parks are an innovative way to turn an ordinarily passive, mundane structure into an electricity generation system that works for you.

Solar carports and car parks are the best of both worlds – shade and protection from the elements and free electricity generated from the solar panels.

Solar Carports.

As the push for renewables escalates, implementing this sort of integrated solution will become a matter of course.
With the massive expansion of the Electrical Vehicles (EVs) industry, the combination of EV charging stations and solar car parks is an idea that most people would agree makes a great deal of sense.
Electrical Sensations can design and install engineer approved solar carports, car parks and everything in between.
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Depending on the nature of your business and it’s operating hours, solar may not be the most effective way to reduce your electricity costs. To find out if a solar power system is right for your home or business, contact the Electrical Sensations team now.

Try the energy savings calculator now, to see what your potential savings could be.

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