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About Selectronic

The Australian manufactured Selectronic inverters are regarded in the solar industry as the leading inverter for off-grid (stand-alone) solar and battery applications. Founded back in 1964, Selectronic has been manufacturing high performing, quality products for more than 50 years! Over this time, Selectronic has grown significantly and now exports to countries around the globe, including Germany. They are considered to be a world leader in energy storage management systems. 

  • AUSTRALIAN OWNED, DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED – Selectronic’s solar inverters have been made in Melbourne since 1981
  • Smart Technology –  The Selectronic SP Pro is the worlds smartest bi–directional inverter charger and has advanced communications, as standard. To say it has “clever monitoring” would be a gross understatement.
  • Impressive Specs – The huge surge power output and the highest pass–through power capacity of any inverter on the market make the Selectronic stand out from the crowd.
  • Australian Support – The Victorian office of Selectronic provides efficient and competent backup support.
  • Warranty Support – The SP Pro Inverters have a 10-year warranty.

SP PRO Series 2i

Battery inverter charger
Selectronic SP Pro Inverter - Electrical Sensations Toowoomba
SP Pro Information

The Selectronic SP PRO range of multi-mode, bi-directional inverter chargers are designed to be used in both off–grid and hybrid (grid-connected) installations for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Key Features

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Lithium, Lead Acid, Lead Carbon and Flow battery compatible. Click here for a list of currently supported batteries.
  • AC or DC Coupling compatible
  • Can be added to existing systems
  • Integrated generator controller to maximise system efficiency
  • 10 year warranty
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