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The Selectronic SP PRO range of multimode inverters are designed to be used in both offgrid and ongrid battery installations where energy storage and power management is required.

The Australian manufactured Selectronic inverters are regarded in the solar industry as the leading inverter for offgrid (stand-alone) solar and battery application.

Here are some of the reasons, apart from the fact that they are AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND MANUFACTURED, why we proudly install Selectronic inverters for offgrid applications:
  • Smart Technology –  The Selectronic SP Pro is the worlds smartest bidirectional inverter charger and has advanced communications, as standard. To say it has “clever monitoring” would be a gross understatement.
  • Impressive Track Record from a Stable Manufacturer Selectronic was founded in 1964 and the 50+ years experience has seen them perfect the science of delivering energy solutions.
  • Impressive Specs – The huge surge power output and the highest passthrough power capacity of any inverter on the market make the Selectronic stand out from the crowd.
  • Warranty SupportAs certified Selectronic Integrators, as an Electrical Sensations customer, you enjoy a 10-year warrantyThe Victorian office of Selectronic provides efficient and competent backup support.
Selectronic SP PRO Series.
Australian Made Badge for Selectronic.

Selectronic’s hybrid and offgrid solar inverters are made in Melbourne and are exported to the German solar market. Selling solar products to Germany proves beyond doubt that Selectronic is a global leader in offgrid solar inverters! 


Electrical Sensations’director Nigel Phillips is proudly a Selectronic Accredited Integrator.

Designing and installing inverter solutions is complex and must be carried out by suitably accredited professionals. Speak to an Electrical Sensations Expert to find out more.

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