REC Solar Panels


Rec Solar Panels

REC is a well-known and strong brand in the global solar industry. REC’s combination of product quality, company reliability, and commitment to sustainability makes REC solar panels amongst the top performers in the marketplace.

REC Panels Boast:

  • Quality Beyond Expectations – REC panels set the industry benchmark for quality which is supported by stringent internal testing and third-party certifications. REC panels have an enviable low warranty claim rate.
  • Reliability of a European Brand – Founded in Norway in 1996, REC is the largest European brand of solar panels. Having produced around 26 million panels, REC has solid foundations and a bright future in the solar industry. The state of the art automated manufacturing facility in Singaporeproduces consistent, high-quality solar panels that make REC the Panel of Choice with many solar installers.
  • Financially Strong Manufacturer – A warranty is only as strong as the company that stands behind it. REC is a strong company that has maintained a healthy financial position despite very challenging market conditions. There is no doubt REC will be a longterm player in the solar industry.

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Electrical Sensations is proudly a REC Solar Professional

Through the REC Solar  Professional installer certification program, REC ensures solar installers are equipped with the knowhow and best practices to install REC panels, to provide end customers with the assurance that in addition to high-quality panels, they will receive a high-quality installation.

Why Choose a REC Solar Professional


Knowing that not only is the solar panel of high quality but that the person installing it is also highly skilled and has been trained by REC, gives end customers greater peace of mind for the quality of the installation.


Take comfort in knowing that your solar installer has been carefully selected, trained, and certified by REC. Not every installer can call themself a “REC Solar Professional”. This means best-in-class service and reliability.


By having your REC panels installed by a certified REC Solar Professional installer, you qualify for an additional five years on your 20-year product warranty.* This comes in addition to REC’s 25-year linear power output warranty. Learn more about REC warranties here.

* Applies to rooftop installations up to 500 kW

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