Why we choose to install only the best products

At Electrical Sensations, our Clean Energy Council accredited designers have done the hard yards of researching and comparing the multitude of products available. We are totally confident in the performance, reliability and longevity of every product we choose to install.

When you are investing in a solar power or battery system, you need the system to perform well for you, for as long as possible, without giving you any headaches.

There are literally hundreds of different solar products on the market and it can be really hard to distinguish between them all. With solar power systems, the old adage “You get what you pay for” rings very true!

We apply the following criteria when choosing which products to recommend to our customers:

  • How long has the manufacturer been in existence and producing that particular product?
  • How financially stable is the manufacturer (looking at factors including their Altmann Z Score)?
  • What is the general ‘reputation’ of the product from industry and consumer reports?
  • Do they have an Australian office to handle any potential future warranty issues?
  • What is the warranty claim/failure rate?
  • Not only, what is the length of the warranty, but also how difficult and onerous is the warranty process? The devil can be in the detail of the warranty Terms and Conditions.

Products we recommend

Solar Panels



“Leanne and Nigel are so honest and down to earth. It’s so refreshing to deal with people in the solar industry that are ethical and transparent (and not pushy sales people)… “

Nury Buros

Electrical Work

“…explained everything in detail, proposed a solution based on exactly what we needed, knew the product extremely well. Went above and beyond installing the system…” 

Nick Black

Electrical Work & Solar System

“They completed the job quickly, on time, and to a very high standard. It was well priced, an excellent quality product and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

Clinton Morton

Inverter Replacement