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Every business and home is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when improving energy efficiency.  By thinking outside the box and looking at the complete picture, we are able to design and implement the best solution for each client.


The Electrical Sensations team “thinks outside the box” and achieve the best solution for each individual client.  From solar power systems and energy-efficient lighting to solar hot water and battery storage, our experienced team will help you bring your electricity bills under control.

Electrical Sensations offer a unique range of energy-saving products & solutions that could save you up to 67% of your business’s energy costs.

6.65 kW LG Solar Power System by Electrical Sensations - Toowoomba QLD
New Solar Power System

Solar power systems are a quick and easy way to reduce your electricity bills, immediately and permanently.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a solar power system and it’s a decision not to be taken lightly.

Quality components installed in industry best-practice standards create a solar power that will reliably save your household or business money for many years.

Electrical Sensations are Toowoomba’s LG Authorised Energy Partner and have installed thousands of solar power system in the area. 

Take a look at some of the considerations when upgrading your solar power system

Solar Upgrades

Looking to get a bit more production from your solar power system?  Upgrading your solar power system is a great idea to get the most out of your investment.  There are many factors that come into play when upgrading a solar power system.

Take a look at some of the considerations when upgrading your solar power system

Solar Repairs, Maintenance & Cleaning

Solar power systems require cleaning, maintenance and even repairs from time to time.

Our accredited team of electricians & solar installers can carry out all cleaning, inspections, repairs and replacements of all components in a solar power system. 

Find out more about solar repairs and maintenance.

Inverter Replacement

Inverter replacements are our speciality!

Find out more about our Inverter replacement service

Grid-Connected Solar

With these systems, there is no energy storage, such as batteries, so if you don’t use the electricity you lose it. Depending on the size of the system, your electricity retailer may give you a small Feed-InTariff of around 7c/kWh for any surplus power you produce but don’t consume.

Find out more about Grid-connected Solar

Hybrid Solar System (Solar plus Batteries)

Essentially it is a grid-connected solar power system with battery storage. The solar power system produces power during the day time and the excess power is used to charge your batteries for night time use.

Find out more about the Hybrid Solar System

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

When you are in a remote area or the cost of getting power to your premises is simply too high, an off-grid (stand-alone) solar power system is often the only feasible solution. Performance and reliability are critical for off-grid solar power systems. Choosing quality components and having them installed by a reputable installer is paramount.

Find out more about off-grid solar power systems.


Batteries (storage) and solar power systems are a perfect partnership!  The solar battery industry is evolving at an incredible pace with many new high-quality batteries becoming more affordable. With brands including LG, Tesla and Ecoult, there is a battery solution to suit every need.

Find out more about battery storage

Electrical Services

Electrical Sensations provides reliable electrical services, to customers in the Toowoomba area. Our highly skilled electricians can install, repair and maintain the electrical wiring and components in your home or business.

Find out more about our electrical services

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging

Australian businesses are embracing Electric Vehicles with vigour. With major players including Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW, Ford and Tesla already having released models in the Australian market, the EV arena is growing at an incredible rate.

Electrical Sensations can create a charging solution to suit your business.

Find out more about electric vehicle charging

Solar Hot Water Systems

Having researched the solar hot systems available, we believe evacuated tube solar hot water systems are the best solution.

In our cool winter climate, in our experience, we have found the evacuated tubes systems to be far more effective and reliable than heat pumps.

Find out more about our hot water systems

Variable Speed Drives

A variable speed drive is also known as a VSD, other names are variable frequency drives (VFDs), adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive and microdrive.

A variable speed drive (VSD) is a piece of equipment that regulates the speed and rotational force of an electric motor. More than 65 per cent of all industrial electrical energy use goes to power electric motors.

Find out more about variable speed drives

Energy Assessments

The first step to improving energy efficiency and reducing electricity overheads is to determine how your electricity is being consumed.  Our qualified personnel conduct energy assessments to identify the key areas where the highest savings can be made. Energy assessments provide the ROI information necessary for business owners to make informed decisions.

Find out how energy assessments can help your business

Energy Efficient Lighting

Many homes have lots of halogen downlights and floodlights. These are notorious power guzzlers and some can be fire hazards!

There is a variety of long-lasting energy-efficient LED light fittings now entering the market at prices that are a fraction of what they were a couple of years ago.

Retrofitting or upgrading lighting is one of the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ for reducing electricity usage in commercial premises. LEDs are much more efficient, have lower maintenance costs and much longer life compared to traditional commercial lighting.  Lighting is quick, easy and yields an outstanding return of investment from day one.

Find out more about energy-efficient lighting for your home or business

Solar Carports and Carparks

The number of ways to incorporate solar power in daily life seems virtually endless, and opportunities present themselves at every corner. 

Solar carports and car parks are an innovative way to turn an ordinarily passive, mundane structure into an electricity-generating system that works for your business.

Find out more about solar for carports & carparks

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor (PF) is the measure of how effectively incoming power is being used in a premise. The higher the power factor, the more effectively the electrical equipment is being used and lower running costs. Improving PF can have a massive impact on electricity costs for large commercial premises.

Find out more about power factor correction

Energy Management & Control

Energy management is an ongoing process of identifying, planning and implementing improvements in the way an organisation uses energy. This can include installing monitoring, power factor correction, timers and sensors.

Find out more about energy management service

Peak Demand Management

Large commercial tariffs can have exorbitant demand charges. Managing and lowering the peak demand can realise a massive reduction for some commercial clients.

Battery storage, load shifting, monitoring and some automation are all effective at reducing peak demand charges

Find out more about peak demand management

Make informed choices and save money on your current & future energy requirements!

Flexible commercial finance and leasing options are available!
Leasing makes implementing an energy efficiency program into your business, within reach.
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