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These LG NeON2 solar panels installed with a 3 phase Fronius inverter at Gowrie Mountain in 2019

This tile roof installation was carried out in Toowoomba in 2013. The owners used a small amountof electricity so didn’t need a large system to meet their needs.

Part of a larger installation, these panels were installed in 2014 to a home in Westbrook. The solarsystemhas saved the home owners thousands of $ in electricity costssince installation

This system was installed (not designed) by Electrical Sensations as part of a 100kW LG solar panel and SMA inverter solution in Goodna

Tw30kW solar arrays of LG solar panels teamed with Fronius inverters were installed for fabrication business in Warwick. The systems have been producing wonderfully since 2016

This system was installed on a farm shed at Roma in 2012 and has well and truly paid for itself more than once, in electricity cost savings.

Some roofs require more technical design than others. This customer wanted a system that was as big as they could easily get approved by Ergon and did not want the panels to be on the roof facing the road

This system was designed with the future in mindwith surplus power planned to be used for battery storage in the future

This LG solar panel and SMA inverter solar power system are producing more than enough power to cover the owners day time usage.

The Clean Energy Council award-winning installation on St Anthonys Parish in Toowoomba.The design and installation won the “<30kW Solar Design & Installation Awards 2019”

This solar install in Westbrook has more than halved the homeowners electricity bill

This neat system was designed to make the best use of the available roof space on the home in Toowoomba.

This solar system was installed in Toowoomba in 2014 and is still producing power beautifully

This work in progress was at beautiful Palm Beach on the Gold Coast

LG solar panels teamed with the Australian Ecoult battery is the ultimate offgrid system in terms of reliability and performance

This system installed in2012 is still going strong and saving the homeowners real money on their electricity bills

LG solar panels installed on a new home and shed in Middle Ridge

Blake getting his clean on! Solar panels perform better when clean. Electrical Sensations can do that for you!

This offgrid ground-mounted solar array with REC panels, Fronius and Selectronic inverters and BYD battery storage proudly installed at Emu Gully Outdoor Education Centre at Helidon

This solar power system was installed in Toowoomba in 2014

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