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A quality inverter is at the core of every good solar power systemFronius has a proven track record of reliability and an outstanding reputation within the industry. 

Fronius Inverter.
Here are some of the reasons we proudly recommend Fronius Inverters:

Here are some of the reasons we proudly recommend Fronius Inverters:

  • Performance Beyond Repute  Fronius inverters are globally recognised as amongst the industry’s highest-performing inverters. Their performance and reliability are undeniable with a failure rate of just 0.5% (source: Nexergy .solar) and 97.8% maximum efficiency.
  • Impressive Track Record – Fronius was established in 1945 and has been manufacturing solar inverters since 1994. A history spanning more than 2 decades with 28 subsidiaries across 4 continents.
  • Manufacture with Selective Focus – Fronius do not try to be “All things to all men”. The business has 3 main areas of focusphotovoltaics (including inverters), battery charging and welders. The Fronius name represents outstanding quality and reliability in all 3 divisions.
  • Safety in Numbers – More than 500 000 Fronius inverters have been installed across Australia.
  • Warranty Support – The Melbourne office of Fronius provides competent backup and support.

With single-phase options starting from a tiny 1.5kW, three-phase starting from 3kW and hybrid options, there is a Fronius inverter to suit any application.

Whether it is a new installation, upgrade or repair, a Fronius inverter can fit the bill perfectly. 

The Fronius Service Partner network provides selected installers with an extensive range of services and technical knowhow at every stage of the solar installationfrom the planning and installation, right through to inverter servicing.  

Electrical Sensations is proudly a Fronius service partner servicing Toowoomba and the greater Darling Downs region.

Designing and installing inverter solutions is complex and must be carried out by suitably accredited professionals. Speak to an Electrical Sensations Expert to find out more.

Try the energy savings calculator now, to see what your potential savings could be.

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