Frequently Asked Questions

Will Solar Panels Stand Up To Hail?

The short answer is Yes. Unless the hail is massive. Reputable solar panels are tested to take hailstones of around 20 mm. Anything bigger than that and you’re going to have much more damage than just your solar panels! We always advise customers to add their solar system onto their home and contents insurance just in case.

Can I Still Put Panels On If I Don't Have a North Facing Roof?

Yes absolutely. In fact, in some cases, east/west facing panels match the owner’s electricity usage better than a north-facing system. If you have the typical morning and afternoon spikes in usage, east/west systems can be preferable to a fully north facing system.

What Makes Electrical Sensations Solar Systems Different?
  1. We don’t have pushy salespeople who are motivated solely by the commission they receive.  Instead, we have a team of qualified experienced solar power professionals who actually carry out the work and KNOW what they are talking about.  You are more than welcome to pop into our office at 57 Gipps St Drayton at any time to have a chat about solar.
  2. Our team is small enough to care and large enough to get the job done.  You are assured of personalised service in every instance.   You will not be just another number lost in the queue.
  3. We will only install quality, well-proven products that will serve you well for a very long time.
  4. No corners will be cut in terms of workmanship.  “Good enough” isn’t good enough.  Our team will create a solution that they are proud to put their name to.

These are the 4 qualities that make Electrical Sensations the logical choice when ‘going solar’.

What Does "Grid-connected" Mean?

Grid-connected means that the solar power system is connected to the electricity grid (the Ergon/Energex network) that currently supplies you with power. At night time and in periods of inclement weather, you will be buying power from your electricity supplier if your solar power system is not producing enough power to meet your consumption.

Why Install a Solar Power System?
  • Save money on your electricity bill immediately. You will save from reduced energy consumption from the moment your solar system is turned on.
  • Help minimise the impact of planned future electricity price rises.  The price of electricity will rise. It is not a question of IF, but rather, WHEN and BY HOW MUCH?  A solar power system helps immune you from the inevitable price rises.
  • Increase the resale value and resale-ability of your home.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and help make the world a greener place for our children and grandchildren.
What Size Solar System Should I Install?

The size of your solar PV system will depend on:

  • The physical unshaded area available for the installation of your panels
  • How much you are prepared to spend
  • What portion of your electrical consumption you wish to generate.

To work out what size solar PV system you require, you need to analyse your household’s daily electricity consumption. Your monthly or quarterly electricity bill measures your household’s electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours. Using your current average daily electricity consumption, as well as your expected FUTURE consumption, we size a system to suit you. Sizing a solar power system should not be a ‘one size fits all’ process. Our team of accredited solar designers can help work out what size system will suit you best.

If I Install Solar, Will I Still Get an Electricity Bill?
There is no denying that getting solar can save you big bucks on your electricity bills, but will it completely wipe it out? 💰
The truth is probably not. While it’s possible, very few new customers completely eliminate their electricity bills anymore (unless they have batteries/off-grid). Here’s why:
  1. Solar only works when the sun is shining. All of the electricity you use at night, you have to buy from Ergon/Energex (unless you have batteries). 
  2. Over time, electricity prices have risen and the feed-in tariff has reduced. With the current Ergon feed-in tariffs, you pay around 3 times more for the power you buy from Ergon than what they pay you for any surplus that is sold back. 
  3. Ergon also charges a connection fee 
Why Do You Choose Fronius, SMA, SolarEdge & Selectronics Inverters?

The inverter is the heart of the solar power system and is critical to the performance of the system. To compromise on the quality of the inverter compromises the performance of the system, and at worst renders it useless. We only choose products that are well proven in terms of performance, reliability and warranty. Suppliers we choose must have an Australian office and a competent warranty handling process.

Can I Add Batteries To My Existing Solar System?

Yes, you can!  There are a lot of factors to consider.  Firstly need to have enough panels to produce extra power to charge the batteries, or enough space on the roof to add additional panels.  You also need permission from Ergon/Energex and a suitable location for the batteries to be installed. There are ‘all-in-one’ solutions available, such as the SonnenBatterie and Tesla PowerWall, that have the battery as well as the inverter/charger/controller in one enclosure.  There are a lot of details to get right when designing hybrid solar power systems. It isn’t as easy as grabbing any cheap batteries off eBay and hooking them up. If you are considering batteries, give us a call. We are more than happy to go through the options for batteries with you.