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Energy Assessments and Audits

If you do not know how, when and where your energy is being used within your facility – how can you hope to understand or begin to manage it?

An energy assessment is an investigation into how your organization uses its energy.

Knowing when, how and where your energy is being used is the first step to determining which solutions will generate the greatest savings and benefits for your business.

An assessment aims to identify the “lowest hanging fruit” of energy savings.

Energy Assessment.
Level of Assessment

The level of assessments can vary from a basic review of your energy bills with suggestions to a full analysis of all major equipment and usage patterns with a detailed breakdown.

The complexity of your business and the depth of information you require will determine what level of assessment is most appropriate.

What’s The Difference?

With so many options on how to save energy, it can be very difficult to choose. And it is even harder if you do not know how your energy is consumed.

No one knows how to run your business better than you. We understand that. We also understand that any disruptions to your business cost money.

Any solutions we recommend always take this into account and we are vigilant to minimize downtime and interruption to your business.

Energy Management & Control

What is energy management?

An energy management system is an ongoing process of identifying, planning and implementing improvements in the way an organisation uses energy.

Energy management needs a structured and persistent approach. Finding opportunities and fixing the basics is the first step. This can include installing meters, low consumption devices, insulation material and power factor correction.

Optimised results come when consumption is automated and regulated by implementing HVAC control, lighting control and variable speed drives.

An assessment aims to identify the “lowest hanging fruit” of energy savings.

Energy Management.

Depending on the information that you collect and
analyse, it enables you to:

  • Reveal the true energy savings from your improvement program,
  • Promptly detect changes so that they can be corrected before they cause significant losses,
  • Have improved forecasting of energy consumption and budget,
  • Have a more accurate costing of products and services,
  • Allocate cost so that managers or tenants pay for what they actually use,
  • Verify bills to ensure that you do not overpay for energy,
  • Avoid peak demand to eliminate penalties from your bill,
  • Review consumption patterns to detect waste, and
  • Treat energy consumption as a variable that can be managed, rather than a fixed cost that is not controlled.
Power Faction Correction

What are the power factor and harmonic distortion?

Low power factor and harmonics are a frustration for electrical installations like curves and bumps are a nuisance for the motorist. On the road, this means that fuel consumption and reliability are not optimal, resulting in an increased fuel bill and maintenance cost. In electrical installations, this means additional power losses, reduced energy reliability and increased energy costs.

The Power Factor (λ) is the ratio of the active power P (kW) to the apparent power S (kVA).

Numerous items can cause low power factor and harmonics including:

  • Industrial equipment (welding machines, arc and induction furnaces, battery chargers), 
  • Variable Speed Drives for AC or DC motors, 
  • Uninterruptible power supplies, and 
  • Office equipment (PCs, printers, servers).

Let’s look at diagnostics and solutions!
Monitoring is the best diagnostics tool!

Some examples of solutions include:

  • Capacitor banks,
  • Transient-free capacitor switching,
  • Harmonic filters, and
  • Fast reactive energy compensators
Why worry about power factor and harmonics?

Power factor correction and harmonic mitigation provide immediate benefit in terms of reduced power losses, reduced electricity bill, and the possibility to use the total system capacity.

With the electricity providers now charging by kVA instead of kW, Companies with poor quality power will be penalised with increased electricity costs.

A plethora of significant benefits, including:

  • Reduction of electricity bill by 5 to 10% typically;
  • Reduction of power losses – which helps to prevent transformers and panels from overheating;
  • Improvement of system availability and reliability. Harmonics can cause protection devices to trip, disrupting production and causing nuisance; and
  • Improvement in business performance. Optimized use of
    electricity, no disruption of operation and longer equipment life expectancy.
Variable Speed Drive.

Benefits of installing a Variable Speed Drive

  • Smoother operation
  • Acceleration control
  • Conserve energy, e.g. by reducing the speed of ventilation fans
  • Limit acceleration, speed, start-up currents, torque or inrush currents
  • Coordinate speeds and accelerations of multiple motors working together in one machine
  • Controlling air or water flow with electrical pumps or fans
  • Equipment motors will not run as hard, therefore your equipment’s life will be extended and you will see a reduction in the amount of maintenance required, providing additional savings.

How do we get started?
If this sounds like something that you’re interested in, please do not hesitate to Call Electrical Sensations now to discuss how we can help.

Peak Demand Management

Large commercial tariffs can have exorbitant demand charges. Managing and lowering the peak demand can realise a massive reduction for some commercial clients.  Battery storage, load shifting, monitoring and some automation are all effective at reducing peak demand charges.  Call Electrical Sensations now to discuss how your peak demand can be reduced.

Power Factor Analogy.

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