Don’t miss the boat on the $150K Instant Asset Write Off!

$150K Instant Asset Write Off.

Take advantage of the $150K Instant Asset Write Off for a solar power and/or battery storage solution

Claim the entire cost of a solar power system instantly

The generous Coronavirus stimulus package announced in March lifted the threshold for Instant Asset Write-Offs (IAWO) to a whopping $150,000. That’s fantastic news for businesses!

Eligible businesses can claim the entire cost of assets (such as solar power and/or battery storage) up to $150,000 instantly rather than depreciating it over many years. The IAWO applies to both financed and cash purchases and can be used for multiple assets. Check out the full eligibility criteria here.

Not sure how to take the best advantage of this amazing opportunity?
The first step is to carry out a site inspection and from there we will prepare a detailed proposal. That proposal will have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about whether solar power and/or batteries is right for your business.

There is still time for smaller systems to be designed and installed to meet the 30 June deadline BUT you need to act now. Get in contact with one of our expert team now to save on your electricity costs and take advantage of the bonus IAWO.


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