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About BYD

It is a little known, yet impressive, fact that BYD is among the world’s largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries. Despite the fact that many people haven’t heard of BYD, it is reportedly even bigger than Tesla – with around 220 000 employees. That’s big!

As well as batteries, BYD manufactures LED lights, solar panels, electric buses, trains and monorails – quite a diverse line-up.

As one of the world’s largest EV manufacturer, BYD brings railway and automotive battery standards to residential and commercial storage solutions.

BYD “B-Box” batteries use the safest lithium battery chemistry-Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4). Lithium Iron Phosphate is widely recognised as one of the safest chemistry as it is very difficult to get the batteries to overheat and undergo ‘thermal runaway’ which is where the uncontrollable rise in temperature and catch on fire. 

Seemingly temperatures in the vicinity of 480 degrees are necessary for LiFePO4 batteries to suffer thermal runaway – so it’s not impossible, just very unlikely.

BYD Battery.
Reasons why we like theBYD batteries
  • High power outputthe BYD batteries can supply continuous power equal to their nominal storage capacityThat is, the BBox 10.0 can output 10.24kW of power continuously, until flat. Not many batteries can match that output.
  • Excellent peak power output. Putting out around twice their continuous output for 3 minutes is far better than most batteries on the market. This discharge capability makes the BYD ideal for off-grid applications where surging loads are used.
  • Solid 10-year manufacturer’s warranty provided by a global corporate giant. With a dedicated office in Australia, backup and support are reliable and easy.
  • Natural coolingthe BYD BBox is designed with natural cooling to provide optimum efficiency.
  • Very expandableThe modular design allows for flexible expansion of the system size over the lifetime of the system.
BYD B-Box.

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Designing and installing battery solutions is complex and must be carried out by suitably accredited professionals. Speak to Electrical Sensations to discuss how batteries can benefit your business.

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